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S.P.Mumick a roller rink operator became the founding father of Roller Skating Federation of India , to bring this game on competitive lines in 1955 - All India Roller Skating Festival ( national championship ) open to all skating enthusiasts coming from various parts of the country annually during the peak summers , Titles of MR , MISS and MASTER SKATER of INDIA were conferred upon all round winners in free & fancy ( 20 points ) speed –front race , backward race and obstacle race ( 10 points each ) and bridge jumps ( 5 points ) in above and below 16 yrs age group , besides hockey on skates , couple - pair , fancy dress , and non stop skating events. Visitors in large number witnessed this fascinating sport , many administrators , politicians , film stars and sportsmen were star attraction . During winters S.P. Mumick travelled all over India with his mobile skating rink introducing the sport in a big way. From 1970 – onwards 16th National Roller Skating championships were conducted as per FIRS rules in all the three disciplines of ARTISTIC , SPEED and ROLLER HOCKEY. India celebrated its 50th NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at three different locations this year.

FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL de ROLLER SKATING ( FIRS ) accorded affiliation to RSFI in 1970 along with CONFEDERATION OF ASIA ROLLER SKATING ( CARS ) as its co- founder member in 1978 when Mr. Yoshiro Noguchi President : Japan Roller Skating Federation visited India - first ever foreign Artistic and roller hockey skating team to India which played friendly matches at four different cities –at Chandigarh , Shimla , Hissar and Aligarh , the signing of CARS document took place at HISSAR - HARYANA in the presence of S.P.Mumick , Mangat Dhani , Jagpal Singh , Inder Pal Singh and Kiyomiya Kunio current Vice President of CARS from Japan .

India made its first appearance at the World Artistic Skating Championships in Spain 1974 - with Pradeep Ganeriwal as a caption of ten member team , World Speed and Roller Hockey championships in 1980 and in the first Asian Roller Skating Championships in Japan in 1985 and ever since then have been regularly participating both at the World and Asian level championships thus filling its commitments towards international arena, besides attending FIRS and CARS general body meeting.

~ Federation International de Roller Sports (FIRS) the International Federation (recognized by IOC) for “Roller Sports” is promoting the said sport and conducting World level Championships since 1936 through its committees for various disciplines. Roller Skating is an official sport at World Games and Pan American games. It has been introduced as a competitive event at last held 16th Asian Games 2010 in China and at Beach Asian Games 2012. It was introduced as a demonstration sport in Barcelona-Olympics and is likely to be included in future Olympic Games.

~ “Roller Sports” commonly known as “Roller Skating” has always been a very popular sport in our country. Not only it is a very competitive sport but is also a very thrilling and an entertaining game. The disciplines of “Roller Sports” are: Speed, Roller & Inline Hockey, Figure, Free, Pair, Solo Dance, Pair Dance, Show Dance, Freestyle, Roller Derby, Skate Boarding and Inline Downhill etc..

~ “Roller Sports” initiates children in to the arena of sports at a young age of 4 years itself. In India the competitive age groups 0-6 and 6-8 years both for boys and girls are retained at state level while 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16 and above years are for State and National levels. However in case of Roller Hockey, the age groups are maintained as 8-12, 12-16, 16 & above years and for Inline Hockey the age group is 12 years and above.

~Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI) founded in 1955 is the National Governing body of this sport in India. It has a history of great achievements:-

~ Since 1971, RSFI is affiliated with “Federation International de Roller Sports (FIRS)”.

~ RSFI is Founder Member of Confederation Asian Roller Sports (CARS) founded in 1978.

~ In 1990, The Government of India recognized Roller Skating as a National Sport and RSFI as the National Federation to govern and promote the sport of Roller Skating in the Country.

~ In the year 1998, RSFI was recognized by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

~ RSFI is also recognised by General Association of National Sports Federation.

~ RSFI has so far conducted 49 National Championships annually in all age groups for boys & girls.

~ Besides RSFI, School Games Federation of India and Central Board of Secondary Education are annually conducting their All India level Skating Championship under technical guidance of RSFI.

~ Our star performer ‘Naman Parikh’ was awarded with the meritorious “ARJUNA AWARD” by the Government for winning Asian Artistic Skating Gold medal consecutively for 3 Asian championships.

~ At 16th Asian Games held in Nov. 2010 in China, Roller Sports Team from India made its maiden debut for Indian Contingent by winning BRONZE in Men’s Free Skating and Pair Skating. Anup Kumar won Bronze in Free Skating and Ms.AvaniPanchal combined with Anup won Bronze in Pair.

~ At 15th Asian Championship held in October 2012 in China, “27 of the Indian Team members returned with many medals. India was Gold Medal winner in Women Roller Hockey and Silver in Men’s Roller Hockey and 7 of its Artistic Players returned with many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals” brining great honor to our country.

~ At 14th Asian Roller Sports Championship 2010 held in Taiwan, out of 59 member Indian team, “50 skaters won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals”, while remaining 9 players attained 4th to 8th positions in speed races.

~ At 13th Asian Championship 2008-2009 held in China, Indian Team won Multiple Gold; Silver and Bronze medals in Artistic and Indian Roller Hockey Women team won “Gold”, Roller Hockey Men won “Bronze”medals.

~ At the 12th Asian Speed & Artistic Skating Championship 2006 held in Chinese Taipei, out of Indian contingent consisting of 25 players, 17 players won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and trophies. In Roller Hockey and Inline Roller Hockey Championships held later in 2007 at Sports Authority of India, West Bengal, India, Indian Roller Hockey Women team won “Gold”, Men Roller Hockey team won “Bronze”medals.

~ The Federation Teams have been participating in World Championships since 1974 and in the Asian Championships from 1985. International competition exposure is being given by RSFI every year to its National level players so that they are update with latest technique.

~ The number of participation easily crosses the figure of 25,000 young players from all over the country who are taking part in various Club, District, State and National level competitions. Each year more than 1000 skaters are being added to the said number.

~The Federation has been conducting annual camps and seminars for its 3 main disciplines i.e. Speed Skating, Roller and In-line Hockey and Artistic Skating. The said camps are conducted by experienced coaches who mostly are retired International Skaters/Players from India. RSFI has been inviting Foreign Coaches for imparting training to our national level players and national coaches for improving the technical standard of Roller Sports in India.

~ India has 6 Roller Hockey, 5 Artistic & 2 Speed Skating International Judges approved from FIRS

~ With RSFI promoting the sport vigorously, International level Arenas have been built all over the country at hundreds of Schools/Private places/Clubs/in the cities by City Corporations and State Governments. In Delhi itself the numbers of skating arenas are more than 25 in numbers.

~ All this has been made possible by our Federation and its hard working retired players who control the various technical committees and work as a team to excel and promote the game.

~ The members of the Federation and or its office bearers are mostly retired International and National players and have earned considerable glory for the country in the Rollers sports in various International and National events. Two of the Federation's past Presidents and the present President are National Champions with two of them being International Players too.


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